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Coexist by Dan Wolf


Written by: Dan Wolf
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Our country has changed. Our founding principles are being over-written with a post-modern perspective. A world view where truth is no longer objective, but subjective. Man defining his own truth. This view is taught to our children. We hear it from our politicians in both parties. It is espoused and supported by our media and academics.

The attempts to erase history by removing statues, culminating with the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, are a result of that shift. Today’s interfaith movement and events grow out of this new world order, but its source is far from new. Its root lies with the same pagan views as the Greek philosophers.

We all share the same nature, and so are called to love and care for each other. Can we do this today without compromising our principles? Several interfaith events were held in Richmond. While their purpose was developing an understanding of Islam, in some respects the topic is irrelavent. How should Christians respond to this change? How do we remain in society whithout losing our faith?