From Author Dan Wolf
The Light and the Rod (Biblical Governance Corruptions) by Dan Wolf

The Light and the Rod (Biblical Governance Corruptions)

Written by: Dan Wolf
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Only two approaches for structuring society exist. We hear the first from our politicians today when they promise to end all kinds of injustice by using governance to create rights. Fulfilling their promises requires top down command and control methods for society, the economy, our actions, etc. Society becomes ordered through law; man controlling his own destiny. All the isms use these means to achieve their stated ends. These include ideologies such as; communism, fascism, humanism, liberalism, Marxism, progressivism, rationalism, secularism, and socialism—just to name a few.But despite all the hype, effort, and support for the first approach, it always fails. There is, however, a second approach which has worked. America’s Founders used this one to lay our society’s foundations. How do these approaches differ? How does each approach influence society? How did the principles underlying this second approach set the stage for the Industrial Revolution and today’s prosperity?The answers matter, especially when today’s political climate asks us to make decisions profoundly effecting society. Do we have the information we need to make a wise choice? How do we know? Which choice is truly in our best interest?The Light and the Rod explores these questions and the implications for each approach. The first volume lays out the significant differences between the two approaches. The second examines two corruptions of the second approach. Both volumes discuss the impacts on such basic notions as rights, justice, virtue, and morality. Society’s success, and your welfare, depend upon our choice.