From Author Dan Wolf
A Handbook of Natural Rights by Dan Wolf

A Handbook of Natural Rights

Written by: Dan Wolf
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Natural rights provide all societies moral foundation. They bind a people together because they are grounded in justice. Wherever justice is lacking, society’s members become unbound—there is division. They no longer recognize a common set of rights, and therefore are no longer a people.

Politicians talk endlessly today about our rights. Talk focusing on us. They tell us what we deserve and need, with the promise they’ll deliver. Their message is sometimes echoed and amplified by the media and supported by academics. Is what they tell us true? How do we know?

What rights do we really have? What is their basis? The answers matter. When society’s moral foundation dissolves, it cannot be successful. It dies. America’s Founders believed natural rights were important enough to sacrifice their lives for, when they were taken away and all other means of peaceful reconciliation had been exhausted. Generations since have done the same. What did they know?

We are not born with knowledge of our rights. Learning is required for a people to become good and noble, to create the kind of knowledge that cannot be shaken by reason—wisdom. Wisdom requires internalizing what is right. Simply knowing our rights is insufficient. We must also understand why we have them and their purpose. It is in this spirit that A Handbook of Natural Rights explores these questions. The answers exist, and lead to you fulfilling your purpose.