The LIght and the Rod: Volume 2

Handbook of Natural RightsThe Light and the Rod examines two sets of ideas shaping how man chooses to live with others. They order society in incompatible ways. One brings success; freedom, personal liberty, progress, and peace. The other breeds failure in many forms; oppression, compliance, division, and unrest.

A Handbook of Natural Rights

Handbook of Natural RightsNatural rights provide all societies moral foundation. They bind a people together because they are grounded in justice. Wherever justice is lacking, society’s members become unbound—there is division. They no longer recognize a common set of rights, and therefore are no longer a people.

A War for God

A War of GodThe world is a less safe place today. Why is there conflict between Western and Islamic civilizations? How can we in the West address it? These and other questions A War for God explores.

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Dan WolfMy goal is that my writing will help you to get started on your own journey of discovery, or help you along the way on a journey you may have already begun. Our Founders considered education, religion, morality, and virtue to be the cornerstones for any successful society. Being successful requires understanding both the languages of reason and faith; reason alone is insufficient.

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We’ve reached our discussion’s final point; critical theory’s means for correcting oppression. Its objective is making society more just. Being just requires morality. Morality is a quality of rightness; virtue. It relates to character or conduct from the point of view of right and wrong.