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This final article continues discussions from last time considering why God must be good. To go further, someone good must be just, as justice is the virtue of giving each their due. The worker earns their wages and should be paid what they have earned. It is morally right. Doing the moral thing is good. Therefore a moral being must give someone what they have earned. As God is not only good, but the source of good, He must also be morality’s source.

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This series ends by going back to the beginning, why these articles were written in the first place. First, the present inter-faith discussions do not promote open dialogue. The outcome is determined by its participants before an event begins. Second, Islam’s supporters use these events to paint a false picture of Islam and thereby promote division among the uninformed within Richmond’s Jewish and Christian communities. Third, as just alluded to, many Christian’s understanding of their own faith today is so thin they do not understand the differences between Christianity and Islam—let alone why they matter.

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It is amazing how much things can change in a month. Only about four weeks ago the Charlottesville, VA riot occurred. There was endless media analysis about what had happened and what it signified, the first of many more ‘race riots.’ All the ‘facts’ were in, interpreted and tied into a single neat package. America was accused, tried, and convicted by the left using the values of the left by the court of the left.

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