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Ms. Clinton started her campaign discussing the Founders and comparing her vision of the future to her opponents at a July 29 Philadelphia rally.  She mentioned that our Founders created a constitution that has supported the world’s longest-running democracy.  Second, they did not want one man to have all of the power.  George Washington served as the example as he willingly stepped away from power when his term ended.  Third, they created a single nation because they were stronger together.  Additionally, while we have made progress today, there is still much work to do.  We need more good jobs, have to raise wages, tackle inequality, and make the economy work for everyone - not just those at the top.  We need to invest in good paying jobs.  In other words these are things that government must do to create equality.


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Our President interjected himself into this year’s campaign again earlier this week.  While it was an act beneath the office he holds, the comment that one of the candidates is unfit for office is much more troubling, and its being passed over by our society at large is even more telling yet.  I must admit that I do not agree with Mr. Trump on some issues, and agree even less with Ms. Clinton, but both have been nominated by their respective party as this year’s candidates.

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