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If collectivism is an expression of charity, then we should expect to see virtue increase as it would provide a means for helping us fulfill our purpose of becoming good.  The last post ended asserting that virtue should grow in both the giver and receiver where virtues are involved – like charity and justice – if we are on the right path.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer defined the difference between ‘cheap grace’ and real grace being whether an action taken out of love was reciprocated with love.  Real grace is what we are called to, but ‘cheap grace’ is often exhibited through our actions.  Cheap grace is going through the motions without any change.  It is merely form without content.  It is the same with charity and justice.  Cheap charity is merely wealth transfers; true charity is about love and requires the personal involvement of both the giver and receiver.  Cheap justice is merely applying rules because they are the rules of those in power; true justice is about getting what you are due.

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