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Within the individualistic thread, just getting a good education is not enough.  It also matters as to the contents of the education.  Clement saw that both faith and reason were necessary in achieving our purpose of becoming good.  This view laid the foundation for much of the later theological/philosophical thoughts of the early Church fathers.  There are two levels within individualism.  We touched on both previously.  The first is at the individual level and is the act of fulfilling our purpose by becoming good.  This requires a good education as we are not born with virtues; we are, however, adapted to learn them.  The second level is as a people.  We are called to be a people, and being a people requires virtue in order for justice to exist.  The exercise of reason and faith require individual choice – free will.  Freedom.  Coercion by the state directly conflicts with the achievement of our purpose and therefore our ability to be a people.

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