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Early charity in America was based on the idea of the deserving and undeserving poor. These have their basis in the Bible. We are to provide for those in need (Matt. 5 & 6). We are to take care of those first within our family (1 Tim.), and those who are capable of taking care of themselves are to do so to the extent they can (2 Thes.). Charity is a matter of helping another create their own independence. Not an independence in respect to autonomy from God, but instead a greater ability to each fulfill our purpose - that of being transformed toward good by our actions and the virtue we develop.

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During the week before the July 4th holiday, we vacationed in the Carolinas. We were reminded of the many sacrifices made by those serving in our armed forces. Fort Moultrie in Charlestown was one example. It was the site of one of the earliest colonial victories against the British in our war for independence, and was in service through the end of WW II. We thank those who are, and have been, in the armed services for your service and sacrifice.

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