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Last time we took a look at collectivism and truth.  This time we’ll use several more recent events to examine collectivism and the way it goes about implementing what it perceives to be the truth.  Why?  Because it seems like things are changing rapidly, and not necessarily for the better.  Most people seem to agree.  This week’s Rasmussen right track/wrong track survey indicates that less than a third of Americans think we are on the right track.   Implementing one’s truth concerns not only the ends that are to be achieved but also the means used to reach them.  I’ve stated before that within collectivism, regardless of its form, it is only the ends that matter, and that the means do not matter to them.  So we will look at three current events from the past couple of weeks, and the common thread among them.  The first is the tragic death of Kate Steinle.  The second is the recent revelation of Planned Parenthood’s sale of infant body parts.  The third event is the supreme court ruling on unnatural marriage.  We’ll cover the first two in this post and conclude with the third item next time.

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