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I hardly know where to begin this post, so please forgive me if it seems a little scattered or it offends.  It is not intended to do either.  Instead it is intended to shine a light into a place that has become quite dark.  In one day this past week, there were news stories on the following items:  (1) the events surrounding Rachel Dolezal’s resignation, the former leader of Spokane’s NAACP office, (2) the St. Louis Cardinal’s alleged hacking into the Houston Astro’s database, (3) the apparent lack of honesty in Hillary Clinton’s turning over emails from the period while she was Secretary of State, (4) the Baltimore DA’s apparent conflict in the case she is about to try, and (5) the shooting at the church in Charleston.  I believe there is a common thread throughout these stories, and I’ll focus on just two of them to hopefully make the point. 

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