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The philosophy of individualism is captured in the works of Clement of Alexandria (Clement), Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas—among many others.  These philosopher’s works are not only regarded as among the best of their respective periods, but each one provides a different aspect in regards to individualism.  Clement describes the relationship between an individual and his Creator, Augustine the characteristics of two communities-one of which is oriented towards our Creator and the other towards man himself, and Thomas outlines how individuals of the community oriented toward our Creator are to act.

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It can be described as a framework where individuals possess the ability to personally make their own choices and take actions.  This is not unconstrained choice—for that is merely anarchy.  Rather it is the ability to make uncoerced choices, to the extent that is possible within a society.  This is freedom.  There are several aspects to this framework.  The first is the ability for an individual to make their own decisions.  There is no constraint as to the things one may make decisions about.  On the other hand, there is also an acknowledgement that one’s decision must not impose upon another’s freedom.  In this system it is the individual which matters most, and government exists only to ensure that equal liberty is maintained across all individuals.

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