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As mentioned last time, God designated two spheres of power where man exercises dominion, and therefore stewardship. They are religion and governance. We previously focused on today’s governance corruption and failure. But seldom is only one sphere corrupted. Today’s article turns to the church. Not attacking it, but examining where we are versus where we should be. Understanding where correction is needed—and how to go about it.

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God designated two spheres of power where man is to exercise dominion. They are God’s through His act of creation and not man’s. He provides their basis so both require stewardship. They are religion and governance. The first teaches people what is right and good. The second enacts justice when someone acts unjustly. Our natural rights to assemble and communicate give us the opportunity to learn and practice doing good as individuals and a society. This occurs through the customs, behavioral expectations and standards we create through our choices.

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Today wraps up the discussion about the stewardship we have for relationships, and relating those to current events. Last time we applied our natural rights to procreate and assemble. Today we’ll use the natural rights to communicate and receive justice. These wrap up what it means to be a people which then leads to governance. This last item touches on leadership, the next article’s focus.

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