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Today’s post is about morality, specifically the relationship between morality and economics, and where the lack of morality always leads - one of the ways in which it manifests itself.  We’ve heard a lot in the news about the federal government debt approaching $20 trillion, almost half of which will have been added in the last eight years alone.  What is largely unmentioned is that private debt is now over $42 trillion dollars as well.  The chart below shows total debt growth by sector since 1972 in 2015 dollars, and the growth in our economy’s real Gross Domestic Product (GPD) - its revenue - during that same period.  Our total debt to GDP ratio has grown from about 150% in 1972 to over 300% in 2014.  If we put together a balance sheet for our country, we would currently be highly leveraged, meaning we have a higher risk of not being able to meet our future obligations as they become due.

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