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Still not convinced by the previous posts?  As stated earlier, welfare payments are viewed as a foundational means of transferring wealth between members of a society by those who believe in collectivism to achieve the goal of social justice.  But what of the fruits of this approach – what does it produce for a society or its people?  Are people made more independent or more dependent?  Dependence serves to decrease ones choices, but it is our making choices which leads to us achieving our purpose.  Therefore, an action which increases independence, or lessens dependence, serves to increase our ability to achieve our purpose.  Let’s take a specific example from today to see how well our current policies align with our purpose.  Jason Greenslate is a twenty-nine year old from San Diego who is pursuing his dream of becoming a rock star.  There is no problem with that in and of itself.  We should all use our talents as they are the means by which we fulfill our purpose.  However, it is not just the goal itself that matters, but also how a goal is achieved matters.  The choices we make in reaching a goal define who we are, and who we become – and whether we achieve our purpose.

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