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We left off identifying some of the differences in morality between societies oriented toward God and Allah.  This time we will look at some of the implications for creation and man, based upon Allah’s being absolute will.  We will also pick up the remaining areas of existence and knowledge related to First Cause.  Again references to the Qur’an are taken from Pickthall’s book on the meaning of the Qur’an.

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I must take a brief break from our present topic to say a few words about the passage of last week’s spending bill.  At first it seems like such polar opposites as Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, and Tom Coburn would not agree on much of anything given their differing political and policy views.  However, like minded individuals on both sides opposed the passage of the proposed CROmnibus bill.  I think that there is a simple explanation.  The individuals mentioned, and others like them, have principles that they allow to guide their actions – and they act upon those principles in their actions.  There are two points to be made from this event.

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