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We’ve mentioned several times the concept of stewardship, but what exactly is it?  If we look at a dictionary today we’ll likely see something like this, ‘the employment or use of one’s time, talents, or abilities.’  It is a definition focused on us, but I would suggest that this focus is a relatively recent development. As an example, we have no further to look than the titles of some of our leading magazines over the last seventy years or so, as they are a reflection of our society.  At the beginning of that time span we had publications like Time and Life, and they did quite well.  Fast forward to the early 70’s and we first had People, and a mere ten years after that we had Us and Self.  Notice the progression?  It is no different from many of our other basic concepts and ideas, including stewardship.  We’ve ‘progressed’ from being fascinated by the big picture of things outside of ourselves, to one absorbed with ourselves.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with self-examination, if it is balanced with a valid objective.  That objectivity within individualism is provided by a set of virtues and a given morality.  Within collectivism that objectivity is provided by the dictates of the state.

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