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I will present two arguments.  The first will be a logical one.  Its basis is that, at its core, collectivism believes that all people are not created equal – or more precisely that some are created more equal than others.  This is captured by both Plato’s and Aristotle’s thoughts on the relationship between the state, education, and citizenship.  Their relevant thoughts can be summarized as follows:

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Plato viewed society as being comprised of four levels, those who were either:  gold (those who governed, the guardians), silver (those who supported the guardians), brass (artisans and laborers), or iron (farmers).  The many slaves were not considered.  Aristotle had more divisions, but his approach was basically the same.  The structure of these societies resembled a pyramid.  The guardians were the smallest group, their assistants larger in number, and finally by far the largest segment of the population consisted of the remaining groups.  These views were not uncommon in state religion societies like Rome and Greece. 

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