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It was only last summer that the unity among the Democratic Party was being contrasted against the division within the Republican Party.  However, in recent weeks we are seeing an increased divisiveness between the Democratic frontrunners.  We are going to look at these phenomena within the context of the principles noted on this site as they are prominently on display in this year’s race, and we are at a critical juncture in our history when these principles are increasingly more important.

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The last couple of weeks for 2015 went by fast, but the spirit of this season was most welcome.  It was a chance to renew one’s perspective, and focus on those things that mattered once again.  Faith, friends, and family.  It also gave me an opportunity to think about things from a little different perspective.  In looking back at the world once again, things seem to be a mess.  Judging from the content that was returned after googling the terms ‘right track wrong track survey’, I am not alone.  The list returned included the following:

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