Book Review - Confronting the Deception


Confronting the Deception

by Tabitha Korol


We are in a war, one that we did not want nor start. A war declared on us simply because we do not profess the faith and values one group thinks we should have. Confronting the Deception shines a light on how misinformation is used in this war, one that has now lasted fourteen hundred years.

Tabitha’s book provides a thorough and detailed analysis of the threat Islam poses to Western Civilization. Her essays cover Islam itself, and the complicity of our own academics and media in its war against the West. Distinctions are often made today between Islam’s followers.  But the issue has never been about people. It is about ideas. Some make distinctions between political Islam and Islam. There is only Islam. To confront an enemy one must first understand their ideas. Her essays provide insight into Islam’s supporting ideas.

Tabitha has done a marvelous job following the trail wherever it leads. Her essays provide a timely backdrop for many of the events playing out within our culture today. Her assertions about Islam are not only consistent with those I’ve formed from my studies, but Confronting the Deception is also endorsed by several respected authorities in this area. These include Steven Emerson, executive director, Investigative Project on Terrorism; Dr. Bill Warner, Ph.D., founder, Center for the Study of Political Islam; and Joan Swirsky, a long-time New York writer.

Confronting the Deception provides essential information for anyone with an open mind who wants to learn about this war and how it is being carried out.

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