Living in the Land of Lies: How Progressivism Impacts Society

This article examines our governance, specifically its guiding principles. This article is not party specific. It doesn’t matter whether you have a ‘D’, ‘I’, or ‘R’ after your name. One’s ideology and derived principles are what matter, and today’s ideological buzz word is ‘progressive.’ People holding progressive ideas exist in both major parties, and are outlined below. Later, we’ll review portions of the 2016 Democratic Party Platform for its underlying principles, not picking on that particular partybut today’s Democratic party is largely controlled by communists and socialists. Their platform provides all the evidence needed to see where they actually stand, regardless of what they say.

Collective Principles

You see, with progressive ideology the truth is relative. The ends are all that matter, and are to be achieved at any and all cost. Equality is also subjective. All are not equal, but rather some are more equal than others. Elitism is the norm, and this elitism undermines morality as man turns toward himself. He becomes arrogant in his thoughts, values, and actions. Man turns from his purpose of self-sacrifice to self-interest. He corrupts himself. This is evident by progressivism’s fruit, which include the division, envy, and hate we see all too much today.

But progressivism is not new, it is the same old recycled ideas that have always, repeat always, failed because its ideas are inconsistent with our nature and purpose. Progressive ideology’s root lies in pagan thought. A root both anti-Biblical and anti-Christian, which is why both our Founding principles and Christianity are under attack todayand have been since the Obama administration’s beginning, when a historical tipping point was reached.

The table below outlines some basic collectivism principles and how they manifest themselves in progressivism. Principles coming from Plato and Aristotle’s writings; these ideas also underlay their kindred ideologies of communism, fascism, socialism, etc. These same principles have their counterparts in Islam as well.[1]


I heard Chuck Schumer call for truth, but he should not ask for what he is unwilling to give. When truth becomes relative, lies become acceptable. This is Plato’s idea of the noble lie where the ends sought outweigh telling a lie. Noble lies become truth. In turn lies become everything not agreeing with one’s position. Changing one’s position changes truth; there are no longer fixed standards. Noble lies are used to increase harmony or division within society, depending on the State’s goals and objectives—and whose truth is being asserted. We see this in the lies both parties tell. Take Obamacare as an example. Democrats swearing you could keep your doctors and that healthcare costs would go down. Republicans promising to repeal it if elected.

Our True Principles

Our society’s foundation came from Biblical principles.[2] These include;

·         God as Creator is creation’s king, its governor. As He has the power to create, he also has the power to keep things as they are, change them, or end them at any time. His is the only absolute power in existence. All other power comes from this source.

·         Through our creation we all possess an equal nature, not an equality of abilities. Through our creation we also inherit the same basic rights.

·         Leaders are to be elected by the people and come from the people. A leader’s role is simply to provide impartial righteous judgment when an individual chooses to act unjustly. They are to execute the virtue of justice.

·         Leaders are also to serve their people, and in turn serve their Creator. The final judgment is God’s, and leaders will be held accountable for any unrighteous judgment they render.

·         As leaders serve the people, the individual is the proper level of political thought. We are called as both individuals and a single people. Not just any people, but God’s people acknowledging His authority in terms of our existence, morality, and knowledge.

These Biblical principles are not only contrary to, but incompatible with, the progressive principles previously outlined. An education in both the languages of reason and faith are necessary to create and maintain the moral basis required for a society to be successful. When either of these pillars are removed from education, a society loses its way. It is not a matter of if, but when. All societies are only one generation away from losing their faith and freedom, for there is no freedom without faith.

I know some will disagree with these ideas, and that is okay. But if you disagree, you at least owe it to yourself to investigate and search for the truth, then perhaps pray that you are right.

The next article examines some principles underlying the 2016 Democratic platform.

[1] Wolf, Dan, p. 240, A War for God, living rightly publications, 2017.

[2] Wolf, Dan, Do You Want To Be Free, Telemachus Press, 2013. This book builds the case for collective and individual lines of thought from Plato and Aristotle and the early Church Father’s works, to our country’s founding documents.



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