Out of True Disaster Comes Hope

It is amazing how much things can change in a month. Only about four weeks ago the Charlottesville, VA riot occurred. There was endless media analysis about what had happened and what it signified, the first of many more ‘race riots.’ All the ‘facts’ were in, interpreted and tied into a single neat package. America was accused, tried, and convicted by the left using the values of the left by the court of the left.

But this story has literally been blown off the pages in less than a month. Why? Well, maybe because the riot itself was manufactured. What do I mean? The events in Charlottesville were orchestrated, presented as though there were two sideswhen really there was only one. Man turned toward himself. Two groups putting self-interest above everything else. Both proclaiming to be doing some ‘good’ while performing evil. In the process both groups did their utmost to create division, hate, and conflict. Both groups cast aside their humanity in the process. They claim that America is bad, and their own actions and ideas represent the true America. But America’s principles have never been about division, hate, and conflict, except within the left’s twisted minds. More tragic still is the Charlottesville city government just stood by, and as a result several lives were lost. They will be held accountable, in the next world if not in this one.

What happened after Charlottesville were two true disasters, both caused by nature and not by man. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Examine those responses against the riot’s actions. Instead of division, hate, and conflict came unity, love, and aid. Instead of self-interest came self-sacrifice. Yes, there has been wrangling over federal aid, but charity is not government’s roleit is ours. Mark Perry wrote an article on some of the private sector’s outpouring of help to those in need. Help coming from both private companies and individuals in the forms of labor, goods, and money. So many individuals came to help they were told to call ahead to local organizations. In some places there were more people who came to help than things to do. That effort shifted to Florida as Irma left and the way made clear for help to enter there.

Recovery will take months, likely years, and aid needed throughout that time. First from the outside, and later from those within these communities as some begin to get their feet back under them again. We’ve seen this kind of response before. Take Hurricane Katrina. We personally experienced that response. We had planned a vacation to San Antonio for August, 2005. We went ahead to Texas after the hurricane and volunteered with the Red Cross for two weeks, and were amazed at the outpouring of help from others that arrived each and every day at the former Kelly Air Force base in labor, goods, money, and assistance. In charity.

Those actions represent America’s principles and values at their best. We often get it wrong, but you see what’s really matters is we try every day to get it right. It is not the end so much as the journey, one headed in the right direction. The truth is we are human and very often fall short. It is important is we remember who we are and continually strive to reach those ideas. Through that effort we are transformed and become the people we are intended to be.

This is what our history teaches, and why the left’s recent obsession with destroying it is so wrong. Traditionally that kind of effort to erase history is only taken when forces wish to change a people from who they already are. But change to what? What is better than the ideas just described? The riots are largely carried out by our youth; a sign of how far our education system has fallen when those in it no longer understand this simple basic lesson, but then elitists usually don’t want people who think, just those who will submit.

Tragedy also came out of these two natural disasters. One event is the senseless death of eight people in one of the Florida’s nursing homes. Stories are told daily about it, and just today I saw one story focused on signs that had been posted outside the facility, signs asking why the facility let this happen. It is a good question, but not the only relevant one that needs to be asked. For the persons posting the signs, I have a question for them. What did you do to help those in need within this nursing home? They were just as much your responsibility as the facility’s, they were your neighbors. As a human being you are called to act, to help, not just to sit back and do nothing but judge. What did you do? Do you think you will someday be judged any differently from how you are judging others today?

The next two articles come from a recently completed series on the interfaith movement written for the Virginia Christian Alliance. The entire series can be read by following the link.

What’s the connection? Today’s interfaith movement has it roots in the same ideology as the two hate groups in Charlottesville, and the response from a Christian principle’s perspective is the same. That response is all that matters. How long this calm lasts will be determined by how long we remember the lesson.
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