The LIe About Populism

There is a lot of talk today that the current administration is populist. Is it true or, like many other stories carried by today’s media, just another lie? Populism is a form of collectivism, similar to socialism and communism. It focuses on;

·         Limited existence of private property

·         Public ownership or control of utilities, transportation, corporations, etc.

·         Relatively lenient currency policies

Those principles sound more like those of the Obama administration. The above are not consistent with the agenda being advocated by the current administration. An agenda that includes;

·         Improving security

o   Enforcing legal entry into the U.S.

o   Rebuilding the military, peace through strength

·         Reforming our immigration system so people can come here legally, and admitting those aligned with our founding principlesinstead of abdicating our immigration policy to unelected U.N. bureaucrats

·         Supporting law enforcement

·         Equal enforcement of the law, and removal of special carve-outs (favors), such as the potential elimination of subsidies to congressional staff for healthcare and insurance companies

·         Rebuilding our aging infrastructure

·         Tax reform to make us more competitive and allow us to keep more of what we earn

·         Repeal of socialized medicine

·         Removal of stifling regulations

The last several items above relate to improving economic growth, leading to more job creation and better paying jobs for those with the skills and desire to perform them. The stock market recognizes this. There is a common set of principles underlying the current administration’s agenda. Those include;

·         Increasing self-reliance

·         Protecting our individual rights, a government’s primary responsibility

·         Equality under the law

Those sound much more like our founding principles rather than those of populism. Resistance to those founding principles is coming from both parties, as elitists exist in both of them. John McCain said it all last week. In discussing healthcare repeal and reform, he stated, “We can fix this.” An indication he supports the principles of government control rather than individual self-reliance. Maybe they’ve forgotten their purpose in that rarified air of Washington. Or maybe they don’t care, and have turned from self-sacrifice to self-interest and from serving to being served.

We see a related formation by the left with its ‘Indivisible Movement.’ An effort focused on pressuring members of congress by infiltrating town halls and local public events, coordinated district visits, and coordinated phone calls. More elitist attempts to stop the administration’s agenda by silencing discussion rather than having it, all the while attempting to wrap it in patriotism. The action of vice prostituting itself as virtue, wrapped with corruption, collusion, and lies. There is nothing constructive in the movement, resistance is the end and the end is all that matters. This is true of all collectivist efforts.

Whenever collectivists accuse you of something, you should take a close look at them. They are likely doing the very thing they accuse you of doing or thinking. It simply comes down to the way they thinktheir ideas. But their words are as empty as the wind. Their actions speak, and we know them by their fruit; envy, jealousy, division, and hate. What is needed is our turning again as a people back to something greater than ourselvesGod. Many of the problems we face today will correct themselves as that path leads to self-sacrifice, charity, unity, and love. It will take effort, but anything worthwhile does. That choice is ours to make, but we must be willing to stand to achieve it. Where do you stand?

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