Hatred and the Political Left, Part II

Things took a turn for the worse last Tuesday (June 13) with the deliberate shooting of people practicing for a Congressional ballgame in Northern Virginia. Like it or not, we are in a civil war - one of contradictory and incompatible ideas. Up to last Tuesday it had just not been a shooting war, but there is no doubt the first shot was fired last Tuesday. I pray that it will be the last and only incident. Hatred and division has been stoked by eight years of the Obama administration and continued by those supporting his party’s ideas. We have not been this divided since before the war between the states.

Need proof? Look at Jesse Benn’s (of the Huffington Post) call for violent resistance to be organized, and not done by individuals alone. Last Tuesday’s shooter, James Hodgkinson, had a list in his pocket of additional targets. How about Associate Professor Johnny Eric Williams (Trinity College) post suggesting that the capital police should have let those on the ballfield die for being white. And who can forget Kathy Griffin’s recent ISIS like pose containing the image of President Trump’s severed head. Finally, just yesterday Nebraska Democratic party official Phil Montag was fired after recorded statements surfaced where he wished Rep. Scalise had died. One must ask in the current environment if he would have been fired were it not for the tapes? These are just examples from those who view themselves as our elitethose who attempt to shape our societythe media, academia, entertainers, and politicians. Many more such incidents could be found. Their actions attempt to normalize violence within our society, their type of violence.

Hodgkinson worked as a Bernie Sanders supporter in the last election. Kudos to Mr. Sanders and the other Democrats who distanced themselves from the action. But it is only talk, and talk is not enough. The very ideas they hold lead to hate, and they haven’t distanced themselves from those ideas. I wrote a few months back about the ties between Hatred and the Political Left. Two notions were advanced in that article. First, the left focuses their arguments on people and not ideas. They create an us versus them division. That type of division does not come from God, but from man. The current ‘resistance’ movement against the Trump administration is founded upon their idea of division. Second, the ideas we each hold shape our actions. If we hold hate, then we will commit acts of hatred. It is that simple.

Today’s progressives are merely the most recent manifestation of collectivism, which includes communists, fascists, nationalists and socialists among many others. They all focus on the ends alone and not the means. Their message is never the message.  It is just the means to achieving an end. Most often that end is the maintenance or creation of someone’s view of a utopian type society. It is all about man and power. The state is the lowest level in such a society that matters as the people exist to serve it. The perpetuation of the state is what matters, not the people. Therefore rights are created and dispensed by the state in accordance with its objectives. These rights are based on the group you belong to, and not on your shared individual nature. Coercion is justified to bring harmony to the people, and for those who will not submit war is proper. These ideas come from pagan philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. They represent man turning to himself and away from God.

Whether they succeed in transforming our society depends on us. Will we resist or submit? What ideas will we choose, God or man? Our political leaders merely follow us. For those who do not want to make a choice, one will unfortunately be made for them by others. It is in your best interest to reflect and choose with wisdom.
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