Liberal Fascism Hard at Work

This article’s topic would be laughable, if it did not pose such a serious threat to our freedom. Liberals have been heavily stoking their base with hate, and claiming that those who oppose them are fascists. Is that accusation true? This article looks at the facts and where those take us.


What is Fascism?

This may seem trivial, but the word is currently thrown around in ways that indicate its users do not understand what it means. It is defined in the dictionary as a ‘one-party system of government in which each class has its distinct place, function, and representation in government, but the individual is subordinated to the state.’ In other words - big government. While this definition goes on to say that fascism was created to oppose communism and socialism, fascism is simply another form of collectivism (or statism, if you prefer); just like communism, progressivism, and socialism. It is just a different means for attaining a common end. Some of collectivism’s main tenets include;


·         The State is the lowest level in society which matters.  All exists to support the State in its goals and objectives.

o   Some individuals excel in their abilities to lead and govern, and these should create and administer the laws for the rest of a society.

o   Rule can be by the one, a few, or many.  However, the power to rule is to be concentrated and absolute.

·         Our rights come from the State through the laws it enacts.

·         Society’s actions, values, and practices are to be controlled by the State.  There is a sense of collective morality.  Individuals only matter to the extent they support the State’s objectives.

·         There is no innate equality based on our nature.  Some are naturally better than others through the abilities, knowledge and skills they possess.  Those not so endowed are meant to be ruled by those who are gifted—their betters.  This is both ‘expedient and right’ in the words of Plato and Aristotle, and both persuasion and compulsion are acceptable means to acquire this end.

·         Citizenship is not for everyone, only those who are deemed worthy of that distinction.

·         As we are not all equal, the acquisition of knowledge is not for all but only those who have the ability, and leisure, to use it.

·         Belief in God, or an afterlife, is often viewed as a threat by the State, unless religion is made subservient to the State.

·         Education is to be publicly funded and under the State’s control.[i]


All collectivists believe in the power of big government. A people is incapable of properly making its own decisions, therefore it is up to government to make those decisions on the people’s behalf to perpetuate society. In other words, it is to be left to self-declared elites to make the decisions for those who do not belong to their group. This is very similar to the state religion based societies that came into existence after man’s fall until the Biblical revelations in the Old and New Testaments.


Who Supports Fascist Principles?

Now that we know what fascism is, who supports that ideology? From fascism’s very definition, the people exist to support the state - and this is true of all collectivist governance forms. Those forms are the very opposite of our founding principles where power is to be limited and diffused, and government’s primary purpose is protecting individuals rights - the state solely exists to serve its people. This basic principle has its roots in Biblical teaching.


We can look to see which party supports, or is supported by, statist groups (communists, socialists, fascists, progressives, etc.). Trevor Loudon, in his movie The Enemies Within,[ii] presents his research results into that topic. Documents unearthed show the communist party selecting and starting to penetrate both labor unions and the Democratic Party as early as the 1930’s. They did this by offering workers to help get Democrat candidates elected in return for the candidate’s supporting policies aligned with their political objectives. Two of the largest groups in America supporting this effort are the Democratic Socialists of America and Communist Party of America.


U.S. House and Senate members cited in the above film as having ties with the Democratic Socialists of America as of the 2016 election include:


U. S. Senate


U.S. House of Representatives


Barbara Mikulski


Karen Bass


Debbie Stabenow


Maxine Waters


Ed Markey


Eleanor Holmes Norton


Elizabeth Warren


Alan Grayson


Bernie Sanders


John Lewis




David Loebsack




Danny Davis




Jan Shakowsky




Jerry Nadler




Gwen Moore




Mark Pocan



Those cited as having ties with the Communist Party of America include:


U. S. Senate


U.S. House of Representatives


Chris Murphy


Raul Grijalva


Al Franken


Kyrsten Sinema


Clair McCaskill


Ami Bera


Martin Heinrich


Micheal Honda


Sherrod Brown


Barbara Lee


Patty Murray


Maxine Waters




Joe Courtney




Rosa DeLauro




John B. Larson




Corine Brown




Danny Davis




Bobby Rush




Jan Schakowsky




John Conyers




Keith Ellison




Bennie Thompson




Charles Rangel




Peter Defazio




Joaquin Castro




Eddie Bernice Johnson




Marc Veasey




Jim McDermott



All of the above politicians are Democrats. That is not to say there are not progressives within the Republican party. There are. This newer collectivism repackaging in America has its roots in the teachings of those like Saul Alinsky. Another film, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,[iii] chronicles Saul Alinsky’s life and teachings. Alinsky attended school at the University of Chicago, and did his graduate research in criminology observing Chicago’s crime gangs in the 1930s. He looked to understand power by observing evil, with the goal of using that power to promote change. He later applied those principles to charitable organizations affiliated with the Catholic Church in Chicago, which spread to other places including educational institutions such as Notre Dame. Alinsky’s disciples include Hillary Clinton, who wrote a thesis about his Rules for Radicals while attending Wellesley College.


One cannot produce good by looking to evil. Evil is the absence of good. It is darkness, and only a light can overcome the darkness. That light is God as He is good. He is the light the world does not understand because it largely focuses on itself and creation, instead of its Creator.[iv] Only by following biblical principles is good produced as moral uprightness is necessary and God is the source of all morality.


What Actions have Fascists Promoted in the U.S.?

The only difference between fascism and the other collectivism approaches mentioned is the means used to obtain a common end - attaining a society ruled by an elite whose objective is the state’s perpetuating itself. People existing to serve the state.


Collectivism focuses on an equality of outcomes rather than an equality of nature. It attempts to use wealth redistribution to achieve that end, often citing the need to sacrifice one’s freedoms in order to attain security. Freedom within collectivism is not the ability to make our own choices, but instead a freedom from things such as fear, want and poverty. This has been the notion behind policies that include ‘affordable’ education, housing, and most recently healthcare. All based upon false principles that have their basis in a lie about our purpose and true power.


As the Democratic party is the one with ties to fascism, let’s look at some of the policy objectives of the Clinton and Obama administrations and the way the Obama administration used its power. Policies supporting fascist principles include, but are not limited to, the following:


·         Defense budget cuts

·         Financial institution reforms supporting ‘fair’ housing and credit access

·         Gun control

·         Government control of student loans

·         Illegal immigrant amnesty

·         Minimum wage efforts

·         Normalizing relations with Cuba

·         Nuclear deal with Iran

·         Obamacare

·         Paris energy accord


Collectivism is all about the use of absolute concentrated power. Witness the number of Obama administration executive actions - legislating by political fiat. From the Obama administration alone we have the following power abuse examples, which are also not exhaustive.


·         The Benghazi consulate attack

·         Ignoring the gulf oil spill for almost two weeks, losing precious time in one of the worst environmental disasters of our time

·         Lies used to pass Obamacare, and the corruption and scandal surrounding the Obamacare web-site development

·         Use of the IRS to target and silence conservative opposition groups

·         The Fast and Furious scandal[v]

·         The Obama administration’s back channel communications with Russia and Iran, used to facilitate the Iranian nuclear deal

·         Efforts to overlook the release of Democratic party emails in the last election. A shoot the messenger tactic. Those supporting collectivism attempting to shift the conversation from Democratic party corruption to unsubstantiated ‘Russian ties’ with the Trump Administration. Ignored in this conversation is the fact that if the Democratic party had not been working to control their own party’s primary outcome and the general election, there would have been nothing to release. It is the immoral actions by top Democrats that resulted in there being emails to leak to begin with. Accusing the other party of what your own party is doing. Why have there been no investigations into the Clinton Foundation’s dealings with Russian organizations such as the Skolkovo Foundation?

·         More recent disclosures indicate the Obama administration likely subverted the FISA court to spy on American citizens without cause. At the time of this writing, this investigation is only starting.


This immoral use of power did not stop with the Obama administration’s end.


Whatever the issue, it is not the issue that matters but whether the issue can be used to obtain fascism’s goals. We see leaks intended to undermine the Trump administration occurring weekly, as the Trump administration policies would undo much of the fascist’s work of the last several administrations. This is something they cannot allow.  However, the leakers actions threaten our national security. The leakers need to be identified, tried for treason, and if found guilty prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Beginning in the 1940’s, procedures were put in place to reduce the risk that enemy elements would gain entry into our federal government and placed under the control of the House Internal Security Committee. One of the procedures implemented was performing a basic security check before a person was allowed to serve in a government post, or on committees where sensitive national security was presented. Evidence of “overt ties to organizations with known associations with terrorism” was enough to prevent someone from serving in the government or sitting on committees where national security information was accessible.


The Democratic Caucus met secretly in the 1970’s and removed this requirement, with help from the Republican party. This House Committee was placed under the control of the House Judiciary Committee, and gave Congress control of FBI funding, which for a substantial period of time was chaired by Rep. John Conyers (see above). The results of Trevor Loudon’s research indicates there are likely about 20 Senators and 100 Representatives serving in Congress who would not pass such a security check.


We need to demand a return to the House Internal Security Committee’s original autonomy and purpose. If your representative does not support that effort, they need to explain to you why.


Follow the Money

Finally, we can follow the money. We can look at who supports fascist efforts within the U.S. by looking at who contributes to the Democratic party and promote its policies. There is of course union labor, that has long supported the Democratic party. We can also look at some recent news stories about our educational institutions, the media, and government workers. These include:


Educational Institutions

·         99% of contributions by top Liberal Arts professors go to the Democratic party[vi]

·         Liberal professors outnumber conservative by 5:1[vii]

·         Professor contributions to liberals over 25 years resulting in a “deeply entrenched narrow-mindedness”[viii]



·         Only 7% of journalist today are Republican[ix]

·         Journalist gave over 90% of their contributions to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign[x]


Government Workers

·         Federal government workers give $1.9 of $2.0 million to Hillary Clinton across 14 federal government departments[xi]

·         Federal employee unions gave 80% of their donations to Democrats and federal employees 85%[xii]


Our institutions will not fix themselves. They currently have no incentive to do so. Within our republic, the power comes from us, the people. When we say no more, and support steps to end the fascist agenda, the madness will end. But it requires your involvement. Electing leaders grounded in our founding principles, and restoring those principles through the efforts of groups like the Convention of States are steps we can all take to put things back on their original course.


America has succeeded because it took a unique approach of inclusion based upon Judeo-Christian principles. It is only when we return to those principles that we will put ourselves back on the right course. We will likely never achieve that ultimate goal, but in the end I’m not sure that matters. We are human and fallible. What does matter is that we are making efforts to head in the right direction, and that requires us to know right from wrong. Liberty from fascism. Who do you support?

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