Interlude on Government Funding

I must take a brief break from our present topic to say a few words about the passage of last week’s spending bill.  At first it seems like such polar opposites as Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, and Tom Coburn would not agree on much of anything given their differing political and policy views.  However, like minded individuals on both sides opposed the passage of the proposed CROmnibus bill.  I think that there is a simple explanation.  The individuals mentioned, and others like them, have principles that they allow to guide their actions – and they act upon those principles in their actions.  There are two points to be made from this event.

First, those in the ‘middle’ who supported the bill have stated many things:  ‘this is the best compromise we could get’, ‘passage will keep the government open for business’, ‘we’ve stopped the executive action amnesty’, and ‘there’s nothing else we can do to change things, but we’ll fight later’.  There is a key word in the title of this bill.  It is continuing.  Those who voted for this measure voted to continue things as they presently are, to continue down a same path reasonable people know is unsustainable.  They placed expediency above principles, and politics above doing what is right.  This is not leadership or compromise, but cronyism, cowardice, conceit – or fill in your own words here -  ______.  Compromise is about maintaining your principles while coming to an agreement.  It was a disgraceful action capped by the signing of the bill by the President.

However, we get the government we deserve, and we elected the people who are presently in office.  We are ultimately responsible.  If we want something different, then we must change – and take actions accordingly.  Washington is proving each week that they have other interests that they place above the welfare of those they are supposed to serve.  That there is little, if any, principled leadership in either party.  Do they really seem as though they want to fix things?  If so, where are their actions?  What fruit is being produced?  The Founders deliberately put the States into our framework of governance to serve as a counterweight to the federal government.  This was a role previously held by the Church before the Reformation.  The States have let their powers erode by inaction, and we have assisted in the passage of several Constitutional amendments which have aided in bringing things to their present state.  The States are the next line of defense in our system of governance.  While we should continue to effect change within Washington, we must also work for change from the outside through the States themselves.  The States have the power to do this through the calling of a convention.

Second, our Founders clearly selected Judeo-Christian principles to serve as the moral basis for our society.  Those principles are simple and few.  They are to love our Creator and love our fellow man (see posts 2, 3, and 4 for more).  While they could not agree on who our Creator was, they agreed He existed and that our rights come from Him.  If you disagree; I suggest you read the Declaration of Independence.  It is a promise to the people.  A promise our Founders delivered with the ratification of our Constitution.  The two documents are links in a chain, and those principles cannot be changed by man, but only by our Creator himself.  The Roman general Scipio said that two things were needed to be a people.  They must:  (1) possess a common mutually agreed upon set of rights, and (2) they must mutually cooperate for the common good – they must place others welfare on a par or at times above their own. 

There is no doubt that we are divided.  I am not sure that we are currently a single people.  We do not hold to a common set of agreed upon rights any more, nor do we appear to have the same notions of the common good at present.  Those divisions have been exacerbated by the present administration.  They have divided instead of united, and as such they have failed to lead.  We need to promote leadership which will heal by focusing on what unites us instead of what divides us.  But to do that we must first work to heal ourselves.  This Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to begin that process by asking for His help.  He is always with us, all we need do is to ask and be willing to take the hand He offers to each and every one of us.  All are welcome, even those who do not believe.  That is the only place in which our hope lies.  Once we rightly orient our hearts, the rest will follow.  It will not be easy, but it is achievable.  My  hope is built on nothing less.

In Faith, Hope, and Love to you all.


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